Sensuality in Black & White- The Work of Shane F. King, Photographer Extraordinaire

Our featured artist this week is the brilliant photographer, Shane F. King. We had the opportunity to chat with him-

1. What inspires you?

I'm inspired by shapes and dynamic compositions formed by the interplay between light and shadow. I have always looked at photos voraciously, and I try to create photos that are striking enough to be remembered subconsciously.

2. How do you prepare for your creative process? Do you have a routine?

More than anything else, it's talking and taking time.

Since so much of my work is with people, it's important for me to build rapport. I usually spend at least an hour at the start of the shoot just hanging out and getting to know each other. Then, the first hour or two of photo-taking is basically a warm-up, giving time for the subject to relax and get used to the camera, and let my creative eye slowly awaken. The best photographs usually are made in the third hour of a shoot, since that's when we are both totally comfortable and I've already gotten all the standard portrait photos out of the way.

3. Do you have favorite camera, lenses, etc?

Yes, my Leicas and my 50mm lens. One is film, the other is digital, and despite each being pretty old they are easy to use and focus accurately, while being compact and not imposing. The 50mm prime lens is sharp where it needs to be, and nice and soft elsewhere, and the focal length lets me do full body photos or closeups on parts, all while keeping the same perspective.

4. What is this new platform you are launching on?

I recently started a Patreon page at

There I will be releasing tons of new and never before published content for my supporters. Its really exciting-- I've already gotten enough to help me with a lot of my base costs such as insurance and software, so now I can focus more of my efforts on shooting.

5. Are you trying to send a message? What message are you trying to send out? What are you trying to say with your work?

I want to make images that people remember, that strike up nuanced feelings. I hope to convey a sensual way of looking at the world

6. How can audience reach you?

Follow me on instagram @shanefking

Or contact me directly at

7. Tips, words of advice for any aspiring photographers?

The camera doesn't matter as much as the eye-- so develop your eye by shooting *constantly.* Study the works of the masters from around the world (not just photographers), and avoid instagram because that will mostly show you fads and fantasy lifestyles to make you feel inadequate.

Shane F King is a creative from Los Angeles, California, who is about to embark on a 5 month self-directed artist residency in Japan where he will follow the inscrutable exhortations of the soul. @shanefking

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