July 4: Celebrate with Honoré's Latest Hit: #3LW, "Three Little Words, I Love You"

Honoré releases his latest single #3LW (3 Little Words, I Love You), the R&B Love Song of the summer from his upcoming album, SuperFantastik. Here are some beautiful photos from the music video. You can have a listen and watch his music video below.

We had the opportunity to sit with Honoré for a few minutes. In his interview, he wears a bandana, tank top and shorts. His demeanor is relaxed and full of enthusiasm.

1. What is #3LW about?- #3LW is a beautiful love song. The lyrics " I look into your eyes, I see the pain, I wanna be the one, take it away" the yearning and wanting 2 truly be there for someone. I've always wanted do a throwback 90's R&B style. This was a time when R&B music was at it's peak, I believe we need more of that feel good music these days.

2. Yes, I agree, we could use a lot more of "feel good" music. I love the 90s. Can you tell us more about your music video? The video is about the ultimate sacrifice of love and being in a relationship. Just wait till you see the ending, It's quite an emotional video.

3. What inspired you to write this? The love of my life

4. Why is this work so important? It is important because music is my art, it is a true reflection of who I am as an artist. My music is fun, honest, and all about love. It is my contribution to the world.

5. What do you hope audiences get from this? To continue to believe that true love still exist. The power of 3 little words (I Love You), it can move mountains and conquer the heart.

Download the single, #3LW, on Itunes- click on link below:


Thursday, July 13, 7 pm PST:

Listen to Honoré's Radio interview with Love and X Radio Show with Xavier (live streamcast)

Go to: www.Lodoun247.com

Call in live: (323) 939-5515


Honoré is a vegetarian, resides in Los Angeles, eats cereal for breakfasts and prefers boxer briefs. Support indie artists and check out his work on:



Youtube: honoremuzic

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