Celebrate March 14, Steak & BJ Day, Vegan Style

MARCH 14: Steak and a BJ Day– What if your lover is VEGAN? For those dating a vegan/vegetarian, here’s a meal idea that will blow his mind. I don’t cook. At all. I’m a ballerina who’s diet consists of peanut butter sandwiches, the whites of hard-boiled eggs, and tamales. I was spoiled and had an amazing father who did all the cooking and served three course lavish Filipino dishes all throughout my childhood (and into my adulthood, as I do my weekly visit). So in my mind, the man is supposed to cook. It’s not that I’m old-fashion (okay, maybe I am. I like to be wooed!) but that’s just the way it is. I don’t ever reveal that to whomever I am dating, but it is a nice idea, isn’t it? But as Steak and a BJ Day approaches, I want to show love to someone who is deserving. Homemade meals are an intimate way to spend time with someone. To receive, you must give- thus, I decided to create a dish that will BLOW HIS MIND! (I also emphasized to this special person and told him “I DO NOT COOK at all. So you are pretty fuckin’ special.” I suggest you look them straight in the eye to show that you mean it). And what a beautiful thing, to show love! You can show it like this:

So let’s begin! I ventured to a destination of healthy foods: Whole Foods! What to buy: Meat substitute, mushrooms, pea pads, organic brown rice, sweet potato fries To make this BEAUTIFUL, SPLENDID DISH, here are the items you will need:

The steak substitute I chose:

And Organic Brown Rice! Healthier than a regular potato, as it is packed with vitamin C, and vitamin A, this sweet potato is a vegan favorite, as my uber healthy roommate eats it weekly. With the help of google, it takes approximately 30 minutes to bake a sweet potato. I put the meat (still in its plastic casing) in water to help it defrost. After washing veggies, I started on sweet potato because it would take the longest to cook. I cut it in half, then cut it into skinny slivers that resembled half moons. Why? I liked the round shape and I wanted to eliminate cutting time (it doesn’t have to be a fry shape- too time consuming) and the skinny sliver would allow it to bake faster). Then place sweet potatoes across a baking pan. Drizzle olive oil and sprinkle sea salt.

I put it in the oven (after preheated at 350 degrees) Then I started cutting the mushroom. And ends of snap peas (learned that one from my dad!).

I warmed up a large frying pan with olive oil. Then I removed wannabe steak from packaging (by now, it mostly defrosted) and spread out steaks evenly on pan, immersed in the sauce that it came with on high heat. After about 15-20 minutes, I tossed in the mushrooms for a few minutes, and covered pan with lid. After about 10 minutes, I turned the wannabe meat over and tossed in the snap peas and covered with lid, letting it simmer on medium heat. Depending on how cooked you want it- if you want the greens to be crisp, just let it cook for a few minutes. If you want it to be softer, let it simmer longer. Just check every few minutes and do a taste test to see how you like it. This could possibly be 25 minutes in. At this point you could check on sweet potato fries and see how they are. Basically, another taste test for you. As the end approaches, put Jasmine rice in microwave (EASY! Just look at directions on box) Nuke that baby! After rice finishes in microwave, I let it cool for a few minutes. By now everything should be cooked. Turn off oven and remove sweet potato. Place food on plate.

EXTRA CREDIT: Replace sweet potato with a cookie sheet of ready-made cookies (another ready made batch in a package!). Tease your lover after with “Want some cookies?” for dessert :) Hopefully your food looks like this:

Don’t forget to celebrate Steak and a BJ Day with some

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