Showgirl Confessions

1. What is your ethnic background? I am from Poland, from Gdynia a city by The Baltic Sea.

2. What inspired you to be a showgirl? Costumes, beauty and grace, inspired me to become a showgirl. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to perform. I loved dancing, wearing make up and different outfits. I loved to play dress up and pretend to be a sophisticated female character. However, I never dreamed that I would wear costumes full of Swarovski crystal and ostrich feathers in every possible color, worth 10 thousand dollars each. The costumes make me feel like a princess every time I perform. I was also inspired by huge stage filled with beautiful lighting and huge sets. I was blown away by the showgirl's beauty and their precision in every dance movement they do. People often think that showgirls only stand and walk on stage, but they often don’t know that every showgirl is a classically trained dancer. They have to be certain size, weight and body type.

3. How many thongs do you own?

I don’t like to wear tongs, so I don’t own any. The thong that you wear under your fishnets and costumes are called personal G. You should own quite few if you are a showgirl. It is good to have at least one for each day of the week :) G strings that we wear on stage during some dance numbers are usually very solid, specially sewn, and full of Swarovski Crystal (they are heavy, beautifully cut and very expensive). However, we are not only dancing in g-strings and sparkling bras but we perform in skirts, dresses, suits, big hats, and feather backpacks.

4. How many hours of rehearsal do you do a week?

There are usually 2 hours of cleaning rehearsal per week (while the show is running). If there is a new contract that or a new number on stage there are more rehearsals.

5. What are the salaries of a showgirl?

The weekly showgirl salary range $600-1000.

6. What do you eat for breakfast?

I love eat something sweet. I used to live in Paris and this is my French habit: I love to have coffee with little bit of milk and pastries. If not, I have waffle or toasted Bread with comfiture.

7. Favorite exercise/warm up before a show

We have ballet barre warm up everyday before first show. It’s my favourite way of getting my body ready. 30 min Of ballet class really helps me to warm up muscles properly, stay in shape and prevent my body from injuries. I would say it my favourite way to start my working day and chat with my fellow dancers friends :) It makes the warm up even more pleasant:) 8. What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened during a show?

Once, I lost my skirt during the finally number on stage. It was horrible. I must not have accurately put it on. While it was really heavy (full Of rhinestones and feathers) it just completely fell down at the beginning of the number. I was standing in the middle of the stairs and I was quite visible. I was forced to pick it up. It was pretty difficult to bend since I was wearing a heavy feather back pack and heavy head piece. I felt really embarrassed and it completely ruined my day. 10. What’s your favorite bra?

For everyday comfort I love to wear Victoria Secret's bras. They always look good on me, they are comfortable, really pretty, not too expensive and they last long. Most of all my bras are Victoria's Secret. However, I also love La Perla because they more sophisticated and classy. La Perla definitely makes you feel like a 100% woman.

11. How do you enhance your look onstage?

I like to make my lips a little bigger that they actually are. I put big fake eyelashes and I glue them in my special way that it looks like my eyes are side open. I use black eyeliner, pink or peach blush depending on how I feel and little bit of gold, brown and black shadow. I do the hair prep and make sure that my hair is accurately put together. It all takes only about 10 minutes. I start my make up when they say “15 minutes on stage” and have to finish before they call 5, since during last 5 minutes I need to fully dress (fishnets, gloves, jewelry (bracelets, earrings, collar), bra, skirt, hat) walk all the way up on stage and take my position.

12. Favorite bronzer? Favorite make up?

I use Mac foundation, Mac Russian red lipstick, Make Up Forever powder and bronzer (for stage more pink bronzer). Lately, I had a chance to try Armani powder and I found it perfect for my skin.

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