Get Off Your Phone and Rollerskate!

by CheekyChaCha Wanna know the hottest thing right now? Roller skating is making a comeback (although it’s always been back)- quad roller skating that is- so not inline, but the old skool 4 wheel skates! Roller skating is a physical activity that must happen in real time and space. And why not? Skating gives a reason for people to hold hands, unite as a community, and work the body. Beneath a disco ball at the roller rink or at the beach, you will enjoy the euphoria of the movement. Onward you go, whether you go zippy fast or slow, skate backwards or in curves, you decide your path. And if you fall, just get back up.

Photo credit: Peardon Carrillo Photography

If you’ve never skated before, here are some tips that Trey Knight, World

Champion roller skater, has to offer. LONG LIVE SKATING!!

Wednesday 7pm Roller Skate Class at Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale. Photo credit: Peardon Carrillo Photography

How does a beginner prepare if he’s never skated before? A beginner can prep by watching a few videos online. exercising and stretching their ankles, feet, caves, hamstrings, quad, lower back, shoulders, neck, wrists, etc. Be open, loose and have fun optimistic attitude that will help your body and muscles stay more relaxed. Best to try and stay loose rather than tighten up. What should he or she be aware of before skating for the first time? Safety first. Skating can be incredible exercise and fun at the same time, but it also comes with risks. Beginners often get stiff and fall catching themselves injuring their wrists or tailbone. It is a good idea to wear wrist guards, knee pads, possible elbow pads the first few times skating. Important to warm up the body before skating and to remember to always bend your knees, never straighten out or lock you knees. Think of your knees and ankles like shock absorbers. Bending up and down absorbing your weight into the skating floor, but never locking out or straightening leg completely stiff. If you feel like you are losing your balance, try and soften and bend your knees even more… smoothly just bend down to the floor if need be and have a seat on your side, not your tailbone. Locking the knees can throw you backwards into a fall and if the body is stiff there if more risk of injury. Try and stay relaxed, bending the knees and ease into it.

Trey Knight. Cannes Festival with Katy Perry

Are there physical requirements? Warm up the body, no current injuries that could be re-injured How does one prep for your class? Are there special clothes? Socks? What socks do you wear? Knee pads? Warm up, be hydrated and ready to have fun!. This class we are encouraging everyone to wear something fun, fresh, sexy own vibe, comfortable and ready to dance, it’s a roller jam disco, but also a class with instruction. I’ll be teaching a warm up on skates, skating technique, endurance and strength, then choreography. I wear regular sport socks, not too thick and important that your skates fit appropriately. Knee pads are great especially if you are beginner or doing floor work if an advanced skater. I wear knee sleeves for additional support when I know I will be skating for many hours.

@JasmineEjan in @sockittome socks from Portland. Photo by @shanefking Why should people take your class? To have fun, get fit with awesome workout and learn something new! The class will work the entire body, building strength, coordination and endurance. Get dressed up and head to the roller disco celebration for your health and fitness.

Post class family pic. Join us at Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale, CA on Wednesdays at 7 pm! Instagram – @ookiii @knightrollers

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