Here’s to a summer of love! It is officially summer, a time to have fun in the sun and get laid in the shade. Speaking of love, we want to share with you the perfect music to make love to and enhance your life with. We are thrilled that Honore, our favorite sexy singer/songwriter who writes and produces his own music, is returning to the music world. A San Gabriel valley native, Honore is biracial mix of Filipino and Black blessed with a range that is liquid and powerful. If Honore was an animal, he would be a bear with a soft inviting growl that will make you cream. His deep rumbling sounds will penetrate your soul, making you groove and shake your booty.

On set in Los Angeles, CA Harkening from the R&B sounds of the 90s, Honore croons and wins your heart.

Good Times is avail for download on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/good-times-feat.-lawrence/id1105472332 A true-blue Prince fan, Honore wrote a Prince tribute on CheekyChaCha this past year and released a cover “When Doves Cry,” which is available for free on Amazon. Read about it here:

1. Why this album? Why are you making/launching this? I wanted to make a fun and sexy album. A project that was organic, honest, and a reflection of who I am these days. This album is about being in love, feeling sexy and confident with who u are. Something 2 make u move in the clubs, as well as the bedroom. With the help of the team at SightSound Records it came true. SuperFantastik is my return back into the music industry. 2. What inspired this album? The inspiration 4 this album is my true life experiences, my respect 4 the Artist who have influenced me, and last but not least my love 4 Jasmine. With her love and support It inspired me complete the SuperFantastik project.

With the sexy @JasmineEjan, featured roller skater in Good Times music video

3. What did you do before? What are you creating now? Previously I was doing shows overseas in Asia as well as the US. I created 2 full length albums and did many shows at various clubs and stadiums. Shortly after I took a break, I needed time to find my voice, be even more true to myself and find my lane as an artist. I focused mainly on songwriting and getting placements. Some of my new material was listened 2 by industry executives. They questioned who was the Artist who was singing on the tracks. Once they found out it was me, they strongly suggested that I focused on doing another Honore solo project. And here we are.

With creative team, Jason “Fingers” Laudiano, Miguel De Leon and director Bobby Torres 4. How is this album different? SuperFantastik is a little more mature than my previous 2 albums. It is a very sexy album, but not raunchy. The elements of love and respect 4 women are still there. If u listen 2 the entire album, u will find that I was influenced by legendary Artist such as Prince, and also artist of today such as: Pharrel Williams, Justin Timberlake, Miguel, and Bruno Mars. I initially wanted to work with only one producer on this project. But I was blessed 2 have 3 producers (Elev8t, RJ Full Range, and Mike Cee) It’s a more rounded POP/ R&B effort. I am very proud and happy with the end result. 5. Why the delay in between albums? I wanted 2 challenge myself. I took time 2 experiement with different sounds and working with different producers who are just as passionate. They brought out the best in me. 6. How do you find balance in your life? By staying realistic with everything. Understanding that U don’t have 2 be like other people or other Artist. There is only one u. so why not be the best u can be. I also stay grounded by my small circle of Family and Friends. I am very honored 2 have them in my life. 7. What keeps you going? I am a go-getter. I stay ready , stay humble, and do my best 2 appreciate everyday. I do my best 2 make sure I say thanks 2 everyone who has helped me along the way. Also with a regular workout regimen, Vegetarian diet, and a wonderful woman in your life, u can’t go wrong. 8. What are your goals, dreams, aspirations? My goals are 2 promote SuperFantasik and present it 2 the world , touch as many people with my music, make people happy, dance , and make love. I’ll continue 2 do my best in the life, that’s all I can do. My hope is that people will enjoy my music and if it makes them feel something inside 2 inspire them, then I have done my job as artist. Thank u 4 this interview.

Peace, Honore Come to see Honore perform live (and for FREE) this August 19th and 30th.

August 19th, 9 pm @Nirvana 8689 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90211 Aug 30th, 10:30pm @POUR VOUS 5574 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA And check out his web series! I am pleased to announce that I have a new weekly web series called “Sightsound with Honore”

this series is especially designed to help give helpful tips to anyone who wants to be a part of the music industry. I promise you it will be a good time! https:www.youtube.com/honoremuzic

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