It’s our BIRTHDAY!! Dance, eat cake, and go LOVE (with Blowpaste, naturally)

April 29 is around the corner, which means OUR BIRTHDAY is approaching! We are another year older and thanks to you, we have grown and become part of people’s lives. We’ve enhanced relationships, blown minds, and made life more delicious.

We want to celebrate by giving you all a 20% off Blowpaste because we love you. Thank you, thank you, for choosing Blowpaste, for sharing and telling your friends, for helping us spread the word of love! We are small (but mighty!) company and we want you to have more love and passion. So use code: BDAYBJ when you purchase Blowpaste!

Today’s blog will show some highlights of last year and recognize all those who have helped us on this journey.

Here are some of the brilliant minds that have helped shape Blowpaste.

Rolo is an angel. A naughty angel. @its_rolando.

We want to acknowledge our stellar graphic designer, Rolo, a native of Compton, California, who created many of our campaigns and promos that are on our social media. He also helped design our shirts, promo, pitch material. This man is a visionary and we are so grateful to have him on our team. THANKS for your sexy creations!

We are grateful to our mentor Mike Fabich of for guiding us in the right direction.

We love his smile and positive energy! This talented and brilliant young man has also printed our shirts, pasties, and banners. Winner

of “Anaheim’s Best Printer Award for 2015,” they print everything for everyone (including for Ellen Degeneres!) They make high quality stuff! Check them out at at

We are proud of our Blowpaste Dancers! They have performed at LA Pride, OC Pride. All of our performers are ROCKSTARS- not only are they uber talented, they are gracious, kind, confident, inspiring and empowering the world with love.

Blowpaste at OC Pride 2015. Wanna know where to get a perfectly cut penis prop? From our friends at, of course! IG: @shipadick

Our main model and Blowpaste dancer, Pavel Tabutov, has graced and posed for many Blowpaste campaigns. Not only does he have the best butt, but he has written seven screenplays and stage plays that are beyond hilarious, poignant, filled with a soirée of characters that any actor would die to play, and with story lines that always keep you drooling for more. This Bulgarian Beauty epitomizes positivity and incorporates that element in his teaching.

IG: @pavka_bg

Introducing Smita Sanbui: This vibrant Indian Beauty is a sexy scientist by day and a Bollywood dream come true! One of our models, dancers, and ambassadors, Smita has graced LA Pride and OC Pride stage and working many of our promos. IG: @pocketsmiles

Vi Marie Nguyen, a Chicago native, made her Blowpaste debut dancing on the Laugh Factory stage. A print model, hip hop dancer and commercial actress, Vi is also a Spartan, and is famous for her sexy technique that you can view on her Instagram.

This Vietnamese dream is also an event planner extraordinaire and a courageous explorer- she loves adventure and hiking through many epic mountains and forests. IG: @vi_amour

Janelle Cruz– A sexy Blowpaste dancer, coined the term “Thrusting Ahead” on our shirts. Janelle hails from Guam and is also stylist, choreographer, and teacher. She has danced at OC Pride and has coached, assisted and choreographed our shows. IG: @neninelle

Cesar Cipriano, a New York native, has been a model for Blowpaste since the very beginning. He stashes a tube of Minty Sanchez in his gym bag and uses it as a breath freshener (in addition to using it for other purposes). Print model, musical theater performer, and fitness


IG: @cesarciprianonyla

Twitter: @cesarbcipriano

And what an honor to have been asked to perform at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood! We were asked by Camille Solari and Aidan Park to be part of Comedy and Burlesque show. If you didn’t see it yet, here’s our world premiere of our ballet at the Laugh Factory- to “My Neck, My Back.” Here’s a video starring @JasmineEjan, @vi_amour and @pavka_bg

Inspired by the Blowpaste dancers’ Burlesque act (watch our video! We are funny and sexy!) Honore, a pop and R&B singer/songwriter, composed and wrote “Sex Slave” which then spurred a collaboration with Blowpaste and an invitation to perform at the Hustler Store’s “Battle of the Burlesque” which also had a live studio audience for Hot Comedy TV.

SEX SLAVE- wouldn’t this be a great t-shirt? Would you wear it?

Blowpaste: World Premiere of “Sex Slave” at Hustler Store’s “Battle of Burlesque” with live studio audience taping for Hot Comedy TV – we won Crowd Favorite Award and Sassiest Award!

There was titillating world premiere of ballet with whips, floggers, and horse crops to the sexy sounds of Honore. The performance was so spectacular; it won the Crowd Favorite, and “Sassiest” performer award- the highest of accolades of Burlesque.

Honore loves his Cinnamoan

A Pasadena, California native, Honore writes and produces all his own material, and has toured with Pussycat Dolls and American Idol. He is working on new album titled “SuperFantastik” which is to be released later this year on SightSound Records. IG: Honoremusic Youtube: Honoremuzic

There are more people who are not mentioned that have supported and guided us to where we are today. We are forever grateful. And thank you to all who have included us in your lives.

More Highlights of April 2015-2016:

Summer 2015 we were uber popular in Europe- particularly Germany and Austria! We would love to be in more shops in Europe because of an article written about us. If you go to Europe (or any shop in the US) please inquire store owners/manager about us. Ask: “Do you carry Blowpaste?” – that would truly help us! We appreciate any help.

Blowpaste at Coachella 2016

Here’s to more love! We hope to hear from you more in the upcoming year.

If you are a writer and want to help us spread love and healthy smiles, let us know. We love poets and all artists from different medias and backgrounds who want to help us promote love and health. Life is short- so have fun! Please email us at for consideration.

Have a delicious day! – CheekyChaCha

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