8 Valentine's Day Must Haves

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and a mix of emotions might be coming over you. You either love the holiday or loathe it. Since everyone associates Valentine’s Day with going over the top with materialistic things, they usually end up with gifts that are literally going to add pounds to your bum or end up in the trash two days later. What people forget is that Valentine’s Day is about showing your feelings to your partner and expressing it in every way possible whether it’s physically or mentally. Couples tend to forget that going back to the basics can be the most effective way to connect with each other. The simplest, most basic little notions might be the trick to spice things up instead of going over the top with sky writing and cutting down every flower within a ten mile radius. Let’s face it – Valentine’s Day “kits” tend to be a little much, but it is all about how you use them. These cheesy, yet most effective sensual tools will create a different experience and light that flame of passion. Be prepared with everything beforehand, whether that means having the array of “tools” you might want to indulge in handy as well as knowing how to use said tools. Even though this is one day out of the year that you want to make special, it’d be nice to grab fun stuff that you’ll be able to use again and again. So grab that pad of paper and pencil and jot down a sexy shopping list with some of these fun bedroom props. 8. Body Boudoir Love In Luxury Indulge Powder Soft Silky Sheets Pheromone Mist $10.50

The main setting where you connect together is in bed. The mist will refresh the sheets, attract your bodies to each other with the mild pheromone enhancer. What sets it apart from other fun pheromone products, is this mist will absorbs oils and your sexy time moisture while you’re romping around in bed. It makes your sheets soft and feel silky against the ski 2. Dust Up Kissable Body Shimmer $26.00

If you possibly don’t know where you’ll end up at the end of the night, you can dust up your body with this shimmer. Dust up makes your skin look like you just put a Instagram filter on yourself and you shimmer like a real life glamour photo shot. Not only does it make you look fancy, if your partner kisses you and then licks their lips you’ll taste delectable! Put it on you key spots or put it everywhere on a daily basis! You’ll smell like a marshmallow and they’ll want to eat you up! Functional yet practical. 3. Earthly Body’s 3-In-1 Suntouched Candle With Hemp For Play $16.00

This “simple” candle is the multi-tasking love maker to your senses. It will visually light a dark room while setting the mood to be calm. The Candle will emit a soothing smell for an aromatic experience and once it’s melted down, you can gently pour onto the skin to massage. There are various scents to indulge in that aren’t intense and overbearing. If you want the same thing but with a twist, check out Destiny Candles by Karen Michelle. Inside every candle, there is a piece of jewelry. Think of it like the adult’s version of a toy at the bottom of a cereal box. 4. Lux Fetish’s Bed Spreader $39.98

Restraints are always a fun way to do some power play in the bedroom. Trust peeks its head and reveals your vulnerability to your partner and you open up to new possibilities. If you lay this out on the bed, they can see what is in store for them, it could really get the blood pumping. This Restraint set can be used with just attaching the cuffs to themselves. For those who don’t have a headboard, it can also attach under the mattress which makes storing it for later easier! 5. Ouch!’s Eye Mask $6.48

Since we are going back to the basics, One of your favorite senses, Sight, is also the sense that doesn’t allow you to experience your other senses to it’s fullest. Very Sensually and with permission, blind fold your partner so you can explore your partner’s body and they can experience your touch at it’s maximum peak. 6. OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH Sound-Activated Vibrator $79.00

With your partner blindfolded, you can trigger their other senses. Make a Sensual Playlist to spark their desire and put this sound activated vibrator on her. This vibrator pulses to the beat of the music or you can control it with the wireless remote. This is also a simple way to introduce sex toys into the bedroom if you haven’t already. 7. NS Novelties Sinful Whip “Flogger” $15.90

Many people assume floggers are supposed to be used with force. Instead, try taking the soft tassels and lightly dragging it over the skin. Build up with this foreplay and get the body ready for more physically touch. Increase with light slaps until you’ve reached your partners intensity levels of pleasure from being touched by this toy. 8. Blowpaste Edible Lubricant (it’s the BEST in the world!!) $12.99

Last, but not least, is lubricant. An absolute necessity. Always keep it handy, like you’re going to die without it! Using lube isn’t just when you are dry like the Sahara desert! Some lubes such as Blowpastes add to your sexual adventure.

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