‘Tis the holidays, a time of gatherings, celebrations and orgies. As the year winds down, the new year waits around the corner, brimming with excitement. It will soon be that time to reflect and take a moment to create the ultimate: New Year’s Resolutions! Usually, working on one’s fitness is the popular choice for a New Year’s Resolution. We here at CheekyChaCha urge you all to add taking care of your skin to your list. Your skin is an organ and reveals your current state of health. Staying hydrated will keep your skin glowing. In addition to using condoms as protection, don’t forget to use sunblock! On that note, we received some awesome news from our friends, Sunshield. Here is their shpeal: Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States and is also the most common for young adults. It is also one of the easiest to prevent. Meet Sun Shield an outdoor automatic sunscreen dispenser acting as the frontline of defense in the war against skin cancer. Say goodbye to needing to purchase sunscreen anymore because these all-weather dispensers work by giving sunscreen to the public for free. Venues like city parks, beaches, stadiums, hotels, and other outdoor locations will be purchasing these units and giving the sunscreen away as a courtesy. Also, these devices will allow advertising space to off-set any costs associated with keeping these dispensers out in the public. This is a local company from Los Angeles, Ca, who made an appearance at the Special Olympics World Games. They have since been all over LA and have recently been nominated for the 2016 Edison Award. They are over halfway through their Kickstarter campaign and could use your help in bringing these to the public this upcoming summer.

Isn’t that brilliant? We send you sunshine and love from CheekyChaCha.Twitter/Instagram @thesunshieldFacebook: @sunshield

You know what’s healthy, too? Blowpaste :) Naturally


Check out their campaign:

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