MTV's SAFE SEXT Campaign

MTV’S “SAFE SEXT” CAMPAIGN In our snap chat world of hooking up, what better way to convey sexy time than with texting cheeky emojis. Sexting is how everyone is doing it and we commend MTV’s Safe Sext campaign for introducing a condom emoji! The purpose of the campaign is to promote practicing safe sex. Most people are too shy to discuss in sex in person, so it’s too late when the time comes. Now everyone can sext a condom emoji, along with peach, eggplant, donut or banana!

MTV’s Safe Sext campaign features life size emojis getting it on in a raunchy, animated short. The emojis are played by professional dancers. The “Okay” sign is played by Blowpaste creator. The PSA was directed by Oscar-winning film editor Angus Wall and produced by his Elastic/Pecubu Productions, with the life-sized emoji costumes created by Casey Storm, costume designer for “Where the Wild Things Are.” To download the emojis, go to

Since we’re on the topic of condoms, our favorite condom is GLYDE condoms- read on!

An Australian brand founded over 20 years ago, GLYDE is the first ethical, vegan & fair trade condom. Before ‘natural’ and ‘sustainable’ became marketing catch phrases, we’ve always sourced the highest quality materials from suppliers who operate with ethics– including fair trade labor practices, sustainable rubber cultivation, and using continually evolving methods for cleaner and safer production. Our mission to craft a more natural condom started with eliminating animal products (casein) and opting for a purely plant-based formula of natural rubber and thistle extract. The rubber we use is sustainably harvested by one of the oldest owner-operated farms in the region, where the workers are stakeholders and paid a living wage. By sourcing locally, we’ve reduced our carbon footprint. We’ve kept our packaging simple and eco-friendly – made with 100% recycled paperboard and vegetable inks. No wasteful cellophane or plastics involved. Ever. – See more at:

CheekyChaCha is now carrying Bodacious Balms! Check them out and click on “shop”

CheekyChaCha is now carrying Bodacious Balms! Check them out and click on “shop”

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