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GUSTO’S FUNHOUSE’S FAVORITE THINGS A cheeky list of fun gifts from our friends at! Read on for some fun gifts for now and for the future. Have you ever gotten out of the shower and started drying your face only to realize that you had just flossed your crack with the end that you are using to dry your face!?

Christmas time can also be romantic time. Get this great gift for him or her to unwrap for the whole “Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Soap.” A Christmas Staple, especially when Uncle Harry is invited.

Remember these?! Super Elastic Bubble Plastic from all your childhood memories. Pass on the memories to your kids.

Can’t find Grandpa a gift? Look no further!

We get it Auntie Patty, we get it….

Potty Piano is like starring in the movie “Big” but you’re taking a dump.

Ear Worm headphones will definitely make you the most popular kid in school.

Jelly Belly’s Bean Boozled will leave you with trust issues. But damn, it’s fun!

We all know someone – Am I right?

Bacon is the new black! Look at all of these delicious weird bacon items. MMMMMMMM!

Gustos FunHouse wants you to relive your imagination! Get your fortune told by the Great Zoltar! Grab some candy, magic tricks and other strange novelty items that you’ve never seen before. Check us out at The Huntley Outlet Malls in Chicago or check us out online at

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