April 29: Blowpaste is 2 years old!

It’s our BIRTHDAY, bring on the dancing girls/boys, let’s eat cake and ice cream and have a BLOWPASTE PARTY!

What an amazing year it has been! We want to take this moment to reflect on all the good times that have happened in the past year. We are deeply grateful for all the love and support. Without our many mentors and fans, we couldn’t exist. So thank you. And we will continue to provide the best service and the best lube in the world. And to the haters and nay-sayers- ya’ll can suck it. We will be here and be ready to satisfy your curiosity. Everybody cums to our side. On April 29, 2013, Blowpaste made its first sale and was officially trademarked. A month later,

Blowpaste graced the shelves of its first retail store, Early to Bed, and now has grown to 66 stores, including 2 major chains in the Midwest: Lovers Playground and Lovers Lane. 2014 celebrates our entry into Lovers Lane! Blowjobs around the world have increased by 50% . Steak & a BJ Day has never been more delicious. Do the dance! We also gave birth to a new flavor: CINNAMOAN , which we launched in Las Vegas's Mirage's Club Revo, Beatles Lounge.

We’ve received texts saying:

People from all around the land have healthy smiles and are conjuring more action. If you see someone smiling, you best believe in the power of Blowpaste. We have sold to faraway places such as Australia, Taiwan, France, Japan, Canada, and Brazil. Using Blowpaste as a vehicle to make the world a better place, we’ve sponsored events and organizations that promote education, empowerment, and awareness, such as UCLA, CSUMB, and also IamNeverAlone.org. We believe in the funny and the sexy, so we love our comics and burlesque at the Comedy Store in Hollywood, our “Whores On Sunday,” hosted by Camille Solari and Adam Barnhardt. We are proud to team up with and support other female owned businesses.

My discovery of 2014: Every normal person in the world is wicked. I’ve had normal, average looking people confide in me their naughty secrets. Once, at a Panera Bread in Oak Park, Illinois, of all places, a businessman in sales revealed to me a vibrator toy that he highly recommended and proceeded to show me a naked picture of his lady friend (the toy was next to her!). And some of the coolest, outgoing people can be so conservative! People will stop and avert their eyes, stop conversation. When chatting with a group of ladies in their early twenties, they are afraid of slut-shaming and won’t respond positively unless someone in their group first accepts the idea that sex is okay. We need to work on this, America! My favorite reactions are the ones where people burst out laughing. That’s when you know someone is cool. Blowpaste is all about having fun. I now approach my business with matter-of-factness and gusto and know that my sharing will change the world in my way. As I have done all my life, inspiring people through song and dance, I can do it via my concoction. Life is short, let’s have more love, mind blowing sex and fun times (and dancing!).

Many thanks to Steven Guistolise, my inspiration and sexy manufacturer man/website man, Rolo Bojorquez, my creative, graphic design, branding superstar, my clever cousin who shall go unnamed (but she’s BRILLIANT) and many mentors and business people that have helped me in so many ways. So here’s to letting go, learning from our challenges and making things better. Here are the words to our jingle: let it resonate in your heart. Don’t let another blissful moment go to waste, Taste the magic of Blowpaste So give that salty sausage a peppermint taste, With the magic of Blowpaste Freshen up the job before you turn off the lights And get a pearl necklace to go with your pearly whites If you want to make his day and put a smile on his face Taste the magic of Blowpaste Love always, CheekyChaCha

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