CheekyChaCha Christmas List 2014

It's that time of year when the world falls in love.....with presents! CheekyChaCha introduces to you our first annual Christmas List! We weeded through all the bad stuff and got to the meat of the market. Oh yeah, and did we mention ALL BLOWPASTE PRODUCTS ON CHEEKYCHACHA.COM ARE 50% OFF NOVEMBER 21ST THROUGH DECEMBER 1ST 2014!!!!!! Just apply coupon code "hohoho" when you checkout. Enjoy and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS :)

Bunch O Balloons...Why didn't I think of this! Water balloon fights are fun, filling them is not. This

dad combined 100 water balloons together and stuck it to a hose. All you've gotta do is turn on the hose and a few seconds later, you have 100 filled and sealed water balloons. That. Just. Happened. Price Range: $12-22

SodaStream turns water into carbonated water! What a delicious way to transform a regular glass of water into a fun drink. There are also 15 different flavors that you can purchase to make it a little more interesting. Price range: $80-100

Ear Cuffs. I'm not a girl, however, I do love the look of this new trend. It is a classy and elegant fashion statement, as well as a great conversation piece. Super cheap and there's thousands of different styles. Price Range: $5-50

Gramovox is a modern day Gramophone. What's a gramophone you ask? It's those old record players with that funny cone shaped speaker that you would find in your Grandma's basement. This one, however, is Bluetooth enabled and works with your phone or iPod. It still has a cool Vintage look, but it is a bit on the pricier side. Price Range: $300-400

And now to keep going with the Records/Album theme; Glitter Albums! This is a very special and unique gift that pretty much anyone would love. Just pick out the gift receiver's favorite

band and buy it! This is a fun DIY project, but if you're not into all that work then hit up Mary Cherry from GlitterFX on Etsy. I have personally bought from her and she's a dream to work with. If she doesn't have a glittered album in stock then she will get one and glitter it for ya. Did I mention that she's one of the best people that I have ever bought from. She does an outstanding job and she frames it for you to admire for the rest of your life. Price Range: $50-75

These have been around for a while, but I still think it's a great gift to give someone. Personalized M&M's are a lot of fun. Pick any picture that you want along with a message and you will not want to eat them. These candies turn out so well that I still have my batch from 3 years ago. Price Range: $30-100

The Fizz is a clever invention that was featured on an early episode of Shark Tank. If you love Root Beer Floats or Orange Floats then you will love this. It's basically a small cup that you fill with Vanilla Ice Cream. You then screw it on top of a bottle of Root Beer or Orange Crush and squeeze. The soda mixes with the ice cream and you can sip up the foam. Really cool and cheap stocking stuffer. Price Range: $8-22

The StarMaster brings out my inner child. It's a star projector, what a way to fall asleep at night! This cylinder globe illuminates millions of stars across a dark room. There are a lot of cool star projectors on the market, but this one is the least expensive. Price Range: $5-10

The Star Registry is also something that has been around for a while and it does have a bit of controversy around it. I personally love the idea, but then again, I am a romantic kinda guy. Name a

star after a loved one. You will receive a beautiful certificate that you can frame and boast about. "Hey, did you see I got a star named after me"? They also give you the coordinates so that you can view your star, with the help of a telescope of course. Price Range: $35-100

The Undress! This is new and was recently featured on Kickstarter. This project is ranked as one of Kickstarter's most successful products. The Undress is geared towards the ladies. Ever been in a public area, but needed to change your clothes? Have no fear the Undress is here! It allows you to change your clothes underneath the dress with easy-to-use pockets. It's definitely a game changer. Price Range: $70-80

The Satechi is a portable humidifier that you can stick in a regular water bottle. It's very convenient and super effective. Use it when you are away from home to get a great night sleep. Add some vaseline to the water to clear

up sinuses. Price Range: $30-35

Lastly, here are a few DIY gifts that Grandparents should consider!

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