Mother Earth's Vagina

Mother Earth's Vagina My friend, Michael, and I decided to take a several day hike into the Grand Canyon. We hiked 12 miles down into the canyon to Havasupai, an Indian reservation with cascading waterfalls and turquoise-blue water flowing down to the Colorado River. The two of us had phrased the trip as a journey into Mother Earth's Vagina (the grand canyon) to get in touch with a place of birth, renewal, and bathe in the healing waters of her metaphorical pussy juices. And judging by the waterfalls, Mother Earth is quite the squirter. Upon our arrival to Havasupai, we were greeted by this tree; our virginal metaphor welcoming us.

Chris Behmke is a stage actor, world traveler, super-hero and wizard-in-training. He will spend the next year traveling to Ecuador, India, Japan, and Ethiopia as a part of Project Creo's Lovelution Tour in an effort to bring arts education, individual empowerment, and a community of love to children around the world.


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