CheekyChaCha Fall Check List:

Ah…the lazy, dog days of summer, at least in southern California. But as sunny weather finally comes to an end, it’s time to take on the change of season. Here’s a list of things to do as we prepare for back to school, cooler nights, longer pants, and all that autumn entails:

1. Get moving! Go to the gym or out for a run. All those summer happy hours and barbecues can mean a head start to winter weight gain. Nip it in the bud with exercise you enjoy, be it stand up paddling, basketball, hot yoga, or even swing dancing. You’ll not only look good, you’ll feel even better!!!

2. Get healthy! All that working out means you’ll need to stay hydrated and maintaining an optimal diet. Go for 8 glasses of water every day, and “eat the rainbow,” choosing food of all different color. Tip: start your new eating plan on a Monday; studies show people who make changes at the beginning of the week are more likely to make them a habit. Try a new vegetable or fruit, consider going meatless on Mondays (or more), and trade your diet sodas or sugary drinks for water.

3. Get your beauty sleep! Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep each night, going to bed a little earlier at night, until your body gets used to it. Keep the electronics out of the bedroom - or try to “unplug” at least an hour before hitting the sack. You’ll doze off sooner, and get yourself in a nice routine.

4. Set goals and intentions for the year ahead. Maybe you want to take a class, start a new business, or save up for a concert. Go for it! Fall is harvest season, so find your inner dreams and desires and start to make them a reality! Keep a journal to write your short and long term goals. You can manifest them. Be kind and loving to yourself, as attitude is everything…and it will rub off on others.

5. Get a physical. It’s sexy to know your status! Summer may have been a string of flings, one night stands, or other Get tested, ask the questions you always answered. (Take it from me, a health care professional, there is no embarrassing question! We are not here to judge, and chances are, we may have heard it before! But we are not mind readers. The information you share helps us best serve you. Knowledge is power.

6. Be prepared for when the mood arises next.

Keep a stash of condoms and lube handy in your car, wallet, and of course next to your bed. Take pride in using protection…you can even make it part of your foreplay. Talk about sex with your partner(s) - sometimes an easier task before getting hot and heavy.

7. Finally, try Blowpaste, if you haven’t already! This all amazing product contains only the essential ingredients, so you're not putting icky chemicals on or in your body. Plus there are a few different delicious flavors to choose from. Blowpaste is a party for the senses!!! Happy fall! Muah…

- Jacq the midwife. Have a question for her? She can be reached at

- Jacq the midwife. Have a question for her? She can be reached at

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