Confidence is Sexy


As a woman, athlete, and professional in the fitness industry, I often get asked questions like, “How can I get a bikini body?”…”What do YOU eat to get in bikini shape?”…”How can I get my body to look like yours?!”…Well, ladies…Let me be honest. I used to think I had to starve myself, cut out carbs, do endless hours of cardio, etc., etc., etc. to get that “dream body” that we all yearn for. But you know what? I love food! I love food too much to starve myself to look a certain way. I lift heavy weights, do Zumba, swim, eat carbs, and don’t really care if someone tells me that I’m getting too muscular or they don’t like a certain way that I do something. The way I see it, that’s fine with me…I’m not doing it for them anyway! Whatever issue someone has with you is just that…it’s THEIR issue, not yours. You just keep doing YOU!

The older I get, (you guys probably wouldn’t believe how old I was if I told you…but let’s just say I can round up to 40) the more comfortable I am becoming in my own skin.

I saw a photo posted on Instagram a few weeks ago that said something like this: How to get a bikini body…Step 1) Have a body…Step 2) Put on a bikini. BAM! THAT’S how you get a bikini body.

We put WAY too much pressure on ourselves trying to fit into what society deems beautiful or sexy. Ladies, CONFIDENCE IS SEXY! I’m not talking about cockiness, self-centeredness, or using your body to get attention. I’m talking about knowing who your are…Knowing exactly what you bring to the table and owning it. Whether you are completely covered, in a bathing suit, or completely naked…OWN IT! THAT, Ladies will get you respect from all the right people. We’ve all heard it before, “Girls want attention…Women demand respect.” What is it that YOU want?

Now, Look at yourself in the mirror. Head up…Shoulders back…Chest up…Inhale the positive…Exhale the negative…Time to show the world who you are and what you’re made of!

Trisha Mae

Co-owner/Founder of Physiquilibrium

Twitter: ItsTrishaMae Instagram: ItsTrishaMae FB: It’s Trisha Mae


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