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  Minty Sanchez,



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Be My



 Limited Edition Kits $24.99  

10 % of proceeds go to National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network


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Blowpaste Reviews:

My fiancé and I do not usually use lubricant, but this product was absolutely worth the purchase. It has a fresh, clean taste and, most importantly, it is not sticky! Blowpaste makes for a fun time in the bedroom!


New York City, NY

My new bf tried Blowpaste on me and omg.  He had put it in my butt ’cause he was about to stick his dick in to do the deed, then he remembered and said, “this is eatable, right?” and just started eating me out; Blowpaste and all.  It felt awesome!  It never got sticky or did I worry about him not liking it.  On the contrary, I knew it tasted good and knowing it was good for his teeth like toothpaste, I didn’t have to worry about him getting out of bed to brush.  Our breaths actually still felt fresh, if not more fresh.  Blowpaste, two thumbs up!

Jose Ramos

Los Angeles, CA

...I tasted it and felt how it was more water based than sticky versus other lubricants and had an awesome taste, texture and smell so I bought two. I was going to give one to a friend but when my boyfriend and I tried it we decided we can buy some for them next time! I highly recommend this product. As a model and fitness trainer I have been to many conventions and seen many products but nothing vegan, gluten free with amazing texture and taste. I will only be purchasing this product from now on.” – Jessica G, satisfied personal trainer in Chicago 8/4/2013

Jessica G.

Chicago, IL

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