Hello from CheekyChaCha!  We are a new company that creates unique and exciting personal lubricants.

WE SHIP DISCREETLY! No one will know ;)

Our debut product is Blowpaste, the revolutionary oral sex lube that’s good for your teeth!  Blowpaste is also vegan, gluten free, has no preservatives and is made in the USA.

Our mission:  To ignite passion and spread love.

The Creators:

Jasmine loves musical theater: singing, dancing and acting. She has spread love and joy around the world through performing. Theater doesn’t quite pay the bills and shows are far and few between. So she and her partner are on a mission to spread joy and love through a different outlet. She also cares about her teeth.

Steven is a writer and entrepreneur. He loves to be innovative and create new things. He has written several feature length screenplays; however, writing does not quite pay the bills. So he and his partner are on a mission to spread innovation and love through a different outlet. He also cares about his teeth.

Together they are CheekyChaCha! Their luberatory and home is in Chicago, Illinois, but their satisfied customers are smiling coast to coast.  Like us?  Share the love!

Our Social Responsibility

We at Blowpaste are avid supporters of health, education and love.
Blowpaste is in collaboration with CSUMB (CalState University Monterey Bay) to support sex education with Bedsider by sponsoring their events. We believe that knowledge is power and know that we can make a difference in this world where love can be a taboo subject to speak about.

Your support has made all this possible. We are grateful to each and every one of you for making our vision come to life.

We strive to do good in this world. If you have any ideas to help our community, please feel free to contact us.

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