Hello, and welcome to CheekyChaCha. I am the creator of Blowpaste. I make lube. I love to sing and dance (ballet, in fact). It has been a year since its inception and wow, what a journey it has been. People ask how and why did I come up with it? I’ve pitched, explained and talked about it to everyone and anyone at stores, parties, elevators, and most recently at the World Famous Comedy Store. I’ve had a variety of reactions, from the friendliest to the douchiest. At the time when Blowpaste was created, I was at a high point in my performing career and lowest point in my heart and soul. I had broken up with someone that I had been with for many years and along with it, I also lost my house. With a broken heart, I left a tour of a famous musical and re-discovered life and love. I took off to Chicago to take a break from life in California. In the bleak, cold winter, of Chicago, Blowpaste was born. My upbringing was Asian conservative, and growing up as the eldest, I was always proper and set a good example for my siblings. Sex was never discussed in my house. My mother gave me a book when I was 12 years old “The Nutcracker has AIDS.” It was good, but I could’ve used a bit more information. My peers and colleagues were very shocked by my invention, and to my relief, loved the product and were very supportive of me. And throughout the year, I’ve come into my own. I used to blush profusely attempting to talk about Blowpaste. I used to cringe stepping into an adult store. Now I speak confidently and I don’t bat an eyelash when in a store full of dildos staring at me. In a year’s time, I am proud to say that we are in several stores and I’ve had a ton of AMAZING adventures. My friends tell me I’ve inspired them and urge me to tell my stories. This has led me to elaborate my business, CheekyChaCha. I present this blog, and I also want to offer a safe place to share, inspire, create and talk taboo- in a fun, cheeky, sexy and healthy manner. Stay tuned, CheekyChaCha will feature artists, and discuss topics in health and sex. I would love to sing and dance for you all in person, but with CheekyChaCha, I have the opportunity to share stories and experiences through a new medium. This is about you, because without you, CheekyChaCha would not exist.

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